Partner statuses and roles

Apple Authorised Reseller

Apple Authorised Reseller (AAR) –  is a basic Reseller authorization status which requires a min number of certified sales and technicians, as well as demo equipment.

Qualifying criteria for AAR:

  • 50 000 Euro min quarterly purchase from the Apple VAD CIS
  • Min 2 people with a silver ASTO level engaged in Apple sales (1 sales + 1 tech.)
  • Sales of authorised products only (purchased from the Apple VAD CIS)
  • Сomply with Apple trademarks and signage policy

Apple Solution Expert

Authorised Solution Expert (ASE) must be AAR and have expertise in one or several solution areas (Video, Audio, Design&Print, Education, еtc.)

Qualifying criteria for ASE:

  • AAR status
  • Vertical market focus – Education or Creative
  • Min 60% of overall revenue generated by sales to a vertical market
  • Min 2 stuff with required technical and product expertise
  • Demo facilities to demonstrate vertical solutions

Apple Premium Reseller

Apple Premium Reseller (APR) is the best-in-class shop for Apple minded professionals and home users which is approved and designed by Apple. Key vehicle to reach “pro-cumer”customers. Its good location and highly qualified sales are key to success.

Qualifying criteria for APR:

  • Min 75 sqm show room with a visible window in a commercial area or shopping mall
  • Min 4 full-time customer facing show-room staff with “Apple Product Pro” ASTO Level
  • Offer to end-users service, training, loaner machine for time of repair
  • Wide range of Apple and 3rd party software and ecosystem products
  • Marketing activities, new product launches
  • Weekly Sell Out reporting to Apple/VAD

Apple Authorised Service Provider

Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) is a partner which delivers warranty and post-warranty support and has trained and certified personnel; usually AAR/ASE or sometimes this is a specialized service company (for volume products and iPods).

Qualifying criteria for AASP:

  • AASP has been in operation for a minimum of 2 years and established credit line of at least $25k; all technicians performing Apple repairs are Apple-certified
  • AASP location is meeting requirements set out by the AASP Requirements; maintains a suitable workshop space in compliance with Apple’s standards.

Apple Authorized Training Centre - Education

Apple Authorised Training Center (AATC) delivers Apple's proprietary developed courses in approved facilities through certified trainers; courses from Mac OS to all Pro Apps. AATC-E is an Academic training centers built in Universities.
Qualifying criteria for AATC:

  • Training services delivered by Apple Certified Trainers, in Authorized locations, with use of Authorized training materials
  • Can be both professional IT training companies and resellers.

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