Discounts for resellers

Apple Authorised Resellers can earn more margin because they are entitled to additional discounts. After meeting a minimum revenue threshold, product discounts grow as your expertise in Apple products deepens.

  • ALP – Apple List Price
  • DAC – Dealer Acquisition Cost
  • FD – Functional Discount
  • MDF – Marketing Development Fund
  • PR –  Performance Rebate


The ALP is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Apple then applies a discount that varies by product to give a dealer acquisition cost (DAC), a trade price at which resellers typically purchase.

Functional Discount
AARs have access to Functional Discounts (FD) that are applied against the DAC.

The FD differs by product and is calculated on a per location basis around the quality of location, staff and end user offerings that the reseller makes potential customers.

Marketing Development Fund & Performance Rebate
Depending on the region, Apple or Apple VAD may offer a reseller a fund for a joint realization of marketing activities while resellers who meet a certain criteria have access to a performance rebate based on achievement of targets.


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